Calculation of the UDEN-S heating system

The efficient and economical operation of the heating system is influenced by its correctly determined capacity. It is not enough to focus only on the technical characteristics of heaters, because its reliable calculation directly depends on heat loss and features of the room (area, ceiling height, wall material, insulation, type of windows, number of external walls, etc.).

Based on this data, our licensed design and installation department will calculate the heating and prepare an estimate for absolutely any object.

What questions does the preliminary calculation of the heating system solve?

  1. Required capacity for the facility as a whole and for each individual room.
  2. The number of heaters based on the calculated capacity.
  3. Recommendations for the choice of models of heaters and their placement.
  4. The cost of installing a heating system.
  5. Projected electricity consumption.

To get accurate data on your object, use the service of free calculation of the heating system. To do this, simply send us a completed questionnaire and room plan. Our technical specialists will process the application within 3-5 working days, and the manager will inform you about the result.

And remember, calculations do not oblige you to anything and help to approach heating expenses more prudently.