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Energy-efficient UDEN-S heaters are electric liquid-free low-power heating panels that perfectly provide basic and additional heating of any premises, creating comfortable conditions for long-term stay of people. Unique heat-saving properties, working principle, convenient operation and modern design are the main advantages, thanks to which our heaters are in great demand and economical in consumption. 

The UDEN-S autonomous heating system with correct power calculations works on the average 5-7 hours a day, maintaining in each room individual comfortable temperature at the minimum expenses of the electric power. At the same time, it looks stylish, takes up a minimum of space and saves heat costs up to 60%.

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The principle of operation of UDEN-S heaters

Do you know what the sun and infrared heaters UDEN-S have in common? That's right, the principle of operation! Like sunlight, soft heat rays first heat up solid structures, walls, floors, furniture, and the person himself, and then heat the air, which remains natural and alive.

This is the most efficient heating, because UDEN-S heating does not require conventional boilers and pipes - heat is transferred directly without intermediaries with minimal losses. Hence: the absence of circulation of dust and over dried air, uniform heat distribution in the room, which cannot boast of convection heating systems (boilers, convectors, fans, district heating).


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Composition of ceramic-metal heater
Composition of ceramic-metal heater

Unique heat accumulator from UDEN-S

The two main production lines – metal-ceramic and ceramic-granite heaters - differ in manufacturing technology, installation method, appearance, but are connected by one common idea - a unique heat accumulator in their structure.

In metal-ceramic heaters, it is a ceramic plate covered with a metal body, in the thickness of which the heating element is securely hidden by the method of semi-dry pressing under high pressure.

Due to this, they have:

  1. efficient heat transfer (uniform heat distribution on the surface);
  2. optimal physical properties (high electrical insulation, low moisture absorption);
  3. aesthetic appearance (panel thickness only 14 mm).

Metal-ceramic heaters "Start working" from the 5th minute of operation, from the 20th - go to operating temperature, and cool down within 1.5 hours after turning off, continuing to give off heat.

The basis of ceramic-granite heaters is a super-dense monolithic plate with high heat-accumulating properties, inside of which there is a heating element under the four-layer waterproofing and electrical insulation. The material of the heat accumulator has low porosity and is very steady against penetration of moisture and dust. Absence of the metal case from the outside gives the chance to carry out heaters in various forms with any textures of a surface.

Ceramic-granite heaters begin to give off heat after 20 minutes, and cool down to room temperature within 1,5 hours after turning off with zero electricity consumption.

Composition of porcelain tile heater

All UDEN-S heaters are certified in Ukraine, meet safety requirements and are approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for installation in children's preschool and medical institutions.

In 2013, UDEN-S metal-ceramic and in 2017 ceramic granite heaters were worthily tested in "extreme" conditions by the European laboratory of the International Certification Center and received European CE certificates.

4 reasons to use a thermostat:

  1. Significant energy savings - it is the thermostats that ensure that the heaters work exactly as much as necessary to heat the room to the desired temperature.
  2. Automation of the entire heating system or individual heaters - thermostats turn individual heaters into a single heating system that saves you money and saves comfort.
  3. Maintaining a minimum temperature in the long absence of people in the room - almost all thermostats have a function of "antifreeze", which protects your home, cottage from moisture and mold.
  4. Cascade connection of heaters - as each room has the features and different time of heating, heating system in all apartment / house / office will be included not at the same time that will allow to reduce loading on a network. This means that you can use other household appliances.
Calculation of the UDEN-S heating system
Как рассчитать количество обогревателей UDEN-S?
Количество обогревателей подбирается исходя из необходимой мощности системы отопления, расчет которой напрямую зависит от теплопотерь и особенностей Вашего помещения (площадь, высота потолка, материал стен, их утепления и т.п.). Для обогрева помещения с хорошей теплоизоляцией и высотой потолка 2,5 м оборудованию UDEN-S необходимо ориентировочно от 0,5 кВт электрической мощности на 10 кв.м.
Для получения более точных данных по Вашему объекту закажите бесплатный расчет, который подробно ответит на волнующие вопросы о количестве обогревателей, стоимости установки и потреблении системы отопления.
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