Ceramic - granite stoneware heaters are a unique combination of energy efficient heating and original design.

They go beyond the concept of heating devices: they have non-standard sizes, shapes, textures and appearance, which will become a real decoration of any interior and emphasize the unique style of its owner

5 reasons to choose porcelain stoneware heaters-fireplaces:

  1. Original design. These heaters have no analogues in the world - they amaze with non-standard shapes, sizes and textures. Their surface can imitate any texture or natural stone, be matte, glossy, polished, with artistic painting or engraving.
  2. Energy efficiency. Ceramic - granite stoneware heaters have the ability to actively accumulate heat during operation and give it away within 2-5 hours after shutdown without consuming electricity.
  3. Reliability. They are robust and durable heaters with stone density and high electrical power. The surface temperature is only 80 ± 5 ° C, which makes it impossible to get burns and makes them safe even for a child's room. Operational period - 25 years, exchange guarantee period - 5 years.
  4. Environmental friendliness. Exclusively natural materials in production, do not emit harmful substances when heated and infrared heating without over drying the air will provide a healthy microclimate in your room.
  5. Simple installation. It is enough to hang them on the wall using fasteners (included in the kit) or put them on legs and plug them into an outlet - and that's it, you can enjoy the soft and comfortable warmth.

Call for consultation. We will be happy to help you choose ceramic - granite stoneware heaters for your interior.