We hasten to share with you GREAT NEWS

Metal-ceramic heaters UDEN-S with REMOTE CONTROL appeared on sale! What is so special about these heaters? ✅High accuracy of control of work of the connected panels. ❌In many similar heaters with a remote control the temperature sensor is built directly into the panel body. In this case, the room temperature will not be displayed and adjusted correctly - the sensor will show the temperature near the appliance, not the room as a whole. Unlike other manufacturers, UDEN-S specialists took into account this imperfection and placed the temperature sensor directly in the control panel itself. 👉Thus the desired temperature is obtained in the place you need. ✅Ease of operation The thermostat is controlled by a remote control, which transmits a signal at a distance of up to 40 m. Also for convenience on the display of the panel the current and set temperature of air indoors is displayed. ✅ Non-volatile memory Now you can not worry about the failure of the device settings in the event of a sudden power outage. After all, in the new remote control, the thermostat has a non-volatile memory that stores the set temperature and units. ✅Easy connection With the new UDEN-S remote control, your repair is safe. You do not have to damage the walls to install the thermostat. Just set the temperature with the remote control and enjoy the warmth and comfort. ✅Universality One remote control can be connected to several heaters in the room at once.