Designed panels UDENS – aesthetic, modern heating

Designed panels UDENS – aesthetic, modern heating

Ukrainian-made infrared ceramic panels appeared on the market about 15 years ago and quickly got a steady consumer interest. Undoubtedly, the ability to use an efficient heat source while reducing heating costs has become the main factor in its popularity. However, the natural human desire for comfort and beauty plays an equally important role.

Features of modern designed heaters

The UDEN-Ukraine plant is one of the few manufacturers that can offer energy-saving thermal panels in both standard and designer versions. They are made of metal ceramics or ceramic granite stoneware, using different technologies, but they have the same advantages:

  • Made from natural materials
  • Consume little electricity
  • keep warm for a long time
  • fireproof and moisture resistant
  • take up a minimum of space
  • simply and quickly installed.

The main difference between designed heaters is that they perform two tasks at once: they heat housing and serve as stylish decor.

Overview of designed heaters

Although all UDEN-S® heating panels work on the same principle, from an infrared heating element, there is a significant difference between them.

The line of ceramic-granite heaters is called designed because there is simply no strict standard.


On the front surface you can recreate almost any texture, make it matte or polished, or apply a corrugated pattern or artistic painting.

The source material is given different forms: like classical geometric shapes to funny animals.

The catalogue contains five collections: "Glossy", "Jacquard", "Silk", "Children's", "ART". Moreover, colour combinations can be changed by selecting suitable shades according to the RAL Classic table.

However, these devices can only be wall or floor-mounted.

Ceramic-metal heaters look a bit simpler and cost less. However, they do not lose in terms of aesthetics.

Only in the current catalogue, there are more than 100 shades. In addition, it is possible to create your unique range using the same RAL system. Powder coating technology allows you to get a uniform rich colour and a durable insulating coating.

This line also has exclusive samples with handmade drawings: you can choose a ready-made design or order a unique author's work according to your sketch.

An unconditional plus of ceramic-metal heaters is a wide range of models (wall, floor, ceiling, electric baseboard), so they fit into any spatial layout.

How to choose a heater design

Appearance determines a lot, but nevertheless, the functional purpose remains the determining selection criterion.

Heating in the bathroom

The high humidity always remains in bathrooms. Therefore, it is better to use ceramic granite heated towel rails there. They provide comfortable heat and at the same time dry the walls, protecting them from mould and mildew. In addition, this is the only electric heater that is allowed to hang wet things on. For this purpose - metal brackets are built into the stove.

Due to the variety of colours and shapes, it is easy to match them to the tone of the tile, or vice versa, to focus on contrasting colours.

Heating in the children's room

It should be a cosy, joyful and warm place where children live. It is crucial that the heating devices are not only beautiful but also correspond to the characteristics of the room (ceiling height, area, level of thermal insulation).

It may be enough to install one wall panel. But as a rule, in nurseries, it is recommended to combine two methods of heating: the main and additional. For example:

  • electric baseboard and wall designed radiator with a bright picture.
  • electric baseboard and floor metal ceramic heater with stable legs, made in the form of a funny fairy tale character.

Heating in offices, salons, cafes

Designed ceramic heaters are a double benefit for the business. They allow not only to provide high-grade heating at low costs but also emphasize the individuality of the company.

Any image is applied to the surface: it can be a logo, a copy of a famous painting, an abstract composition in corporate colours, and so on.

For example, the design of an office is harmoniously complemented by wall panels that make up one series. The built-in imitation of a fireplace with flames looks no less stylish.

In showrooms and entertainment venues, thin decorative heaters are also installed that can turn the most modest interior into a work of art. But, if it is necessary to use every centimetre of free space, ceiling heaters disguised as exquisite lamps are the ideal solution.

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