The end of the year is the time, to sum up.

Dear friends and partners!

The end of the year is the time, to sum up.
This year has been more difficult than ever for everyone. But, despite this, Ukrainians once again proved that they are superheroes!
Someone became a volunteer or joined the ranks of the Territorial Defence Forces and the Armed Forces.
UDEN-S, as the representative of the economic front, also mobilized to the maximum!
Despite blackouts, we have been working and will continue to work.
From January 16, 2023, we are forced to raise the prices of our products.
But even so, you can place an order before January 15 and give heat and beauty to yourself and your loved ones.
We wish your soul always has a light and radiates heat.
We believe that the next year we will celebrate the Victory and start rebuilding the country.

We set ambitious goals and invite you to walk along this path with us.

We desperately continue to fight in 2023, each on his own front. Victory will be ours!

All the best, with Ukraine in our hearts - Your UDEN-S