New catalog of UDEN-S heaters: even more style and comfort! 

We proudly present to you the updated catalog of a wide range of UDEN-S heaters, which not only provide coziness in your home but also create a stylish interior.

What's new in our catalog?

  • Variety of styles: We carefully selected popular models from various lines to emphasize the diversity of the assortment and designs. Now you can choose a heater that fits perfectly into any interior style.
  • Color innovations from KEN: We have refreshed the color palette of our heaters, allowing you to precisely match a shade that highlights the individuality of your space. From neutral tones to vibrant accents – we have everything to satisfy your preferences.
  • UDEN Color Spectrum: We are excited to introduce a new section of our catalog – the Ral color collection, conveniently divided into matte, glossy, and pearlescent options.
  • User-friendly sections: We have paid special attention to the usability of the catalog to help simplify the process of choosing the perfect heater. Each product line is thoroughly described and includes technical details, enabling you to make informed decisions.

We guarantee that our metal-ceramic and ceramic-granite heaters will not only provide you with warmth during cold days but will also be true works of art in your home.

Explore our catalog right now and choose the best for your living space!