Metal-ceramic wall heaters UDEN-S

UDEN-S wall heaters are an excellent choice for autonomous or additional heating of any standard premises: apartments, houses, budgetary institutions or commercial real estate.

What you need to know about UDEN-S wall heaters

  • Low power consumption - the most powerful panel 700 watts consumes per hour as seven 100-watt bulbs;
  • Main and additional heating. For additional heating choose a complete set of "station wagon" (with a cord and a plug), and for the main - "standard" (installation is required, and therefore, the quantity of a cable is defined separately).
  • Wide model range - 6 models of different sizes and capacities for any premises.
  • No risk of burns - the surface temperature of the wall heater - 80 ± 5 ° C, which is especially important for child safety.
  • Installation in 5 minutes - just make 4 holes in the wall, insert dowels and hang a panel on them.
  • Rich color scheme. Standard heaters are white, but they are all available in more than 100 colors and shades. For connoisseurs of stylish interiors - wall heaters with handmade drawings.
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Completed projects
Restaurant "Podkova" in Kropyvnytskyi
Guests of one of the halls of the restaurant complex "Podkova" in Kropyvnytskyi have been heated by UDEN-S® heating in winter for several years now. And the warmth and comfort here are created by wall-mounted metal-ceramic heaters - modern, thin and incredibly elegant panels. Their carefully selected shade perfectly complements the interior of the room and creates modern bright accents that harmonize with the overall color scheme of the institution. During the installation, we did not have to close the hall for visitors for a long time, because the installation of heaters took 1 day, and the existing repairs were not affected at all - all cables are neatly hidden and invisible to the eye. The work was performed by the official representative of UDEN-S® in Kropyvnytskyi - "Rozumnyy dim".
House of organ and chamber music in Dnipro
When it comes to heating facilities with special requirements - the choice is definitely for UDEN-S heaters! Unlike conventional radiators and convectors, they perfectly create and maintain a healthy indoor climate. Our clients, the Dnieper House of Organ and Chamber Music, have long been convinced of this. Installed warm panels with a symbolic design pattern, in addition to the function of efficient and economical heating, perfectly eliminate temperature changes, humidity and dust circulation, which is so important for a sensitive musical instrument. And thanks to the possibility of gradual installation, the concert activity of the institution did not stop for a day. Installation: "Rozumnyy dim", the official representative of UDEN-S.