Metal-ceramic warm plinth

Warm plinths are electric energy-efficient heaters used for autonomous heating or additional heating. From the outside they are similar to a usual plinth and are established instead of or over it along a cold wall.

For what to choose a warm plinth of UDEN-S:

Effective heating of non-standard premises. Elegant forms of a warm plinth allow to apply it where installation of other systems is simply impossible.

"No" to wet corners, mold and fungus. Due to its principle of operation (tempering effect), the warm plinth perfectly warms the walls and removes them from excess moisture and condensate, which is a prerequisite for the formation of mold and fungus.

Rational selection of power. Three models of a warm plinth (100, 150 and 200 W) are used not only as independent heating system, but also combine with other UDEN-S heaters for exact and effective calculation of power of system of heating of the room.

Quick and easy installation. All warm plinth modules are easily connected to each other and connected to the mains via a thermostat. The use of decorative couplings will help to hide the joints between them in the case of installation of several units along the length of the room. The separately installed plinth is closed on both sides by side caps.

Sophisticated design. All heaters are thin and only 13 cm high. The standard color is white, and each customer can order any of our rich palette (more than 100 colors and shades) that will fit in his interior.

The principle of operation of the UDEN-S infrared warm plinth

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