Ceramic - granite towel dryer

Practical bathroom heating

Ceramic - granite towel dryers UDEN-S are a modern effective solution for your kitchen and bathroom. At the heart of their design there is a porcelain tile thanks to which they not only quickly dry towels, but also perfectly cope with function of heating of the room.

Choose electric ceramic - granite towel dryers, because they are:

  • Mobile: installed anywhere without connection to the hot water supply point.
  • Energy efficient: thanks to the heat-accumulating ceramic- granite basis, heat is given up to 2 hours after switching off without consuming electricity.
  • Safe: high degree of electrical insulation and protection against water (IP 54), maximum surface temperature - 60 ± 5 ° С.
  • Stylish: have a modern design that will be a great addition to your interior.
  • Convenient in management: regulation of temperature of heating of a surface by means of the built-in dimmer.
  • Environmentally friendly: dries the walls, not the air, preventing the formation of mold and fungus.
Ceramic - granite towel dryer